Individual Services

  • Career Planning

Is your career stalled? Do you dislike your job? We will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, analyze your current position, develop a professional plan, and more.

  • Credential Review

Your professional profile is the first impression to every employer. How would your profile rate? We will help you build a professional resume, cover letter, create an appealing Profile Sheet, evaluate your social media and more.

  • Image Assessment

You have five to seven seconds to make a first impression - are you ready? We will teach you key presentation skills including dress, manners, and protocol.  Learn how to make the perfect first impression every time!

  • Interview Preparation

Interview jitters? Never know what to say? Talk too much? Learn essential in-person and phone interview techniques, master group and all-day interviews, and identify what questions to ask (and when).

  • Negotiation Strategy

Just got offered a new position? Earned a promotion? Do not leave money on the table. Learn key negotiation strategies, develop a comfort level with "selling yourself," and master the ability to ask for more than just money.

  • Career Crisis Management

Just got fired? Need to get out of a bad job? We provide direct assistance to address, analyze, and survive difficult career situations and professional crises.

  • Leadership Development

This two to three hour program is designed for small or large group sessions.  These leadership sessions are informative, interactive, and fun. The participants will leave with tips, tools, and techniques to becoming successful, responsible leaders in the career of their choice.

  • "First 90 Days" On The Job Consultation

This is a custom designed program for executives starting a new position. You have a great new job and the first 90 days must be strategically planned and organized to guarantee a successful leadership tenure. This program is designed as a weekly session with personalized training/consulting to help executives avoid common pitfalls and lead successfully.

  • Executive Team PET Workshops

  • Customized PET program for the “employee in need”

University, Athletic Departments, and Company Services

  • Large group Educational modules

Modules include:

1. How to be an effective Sports Supervisor
2. Organizational structures to maximize talents and resources
3. Creating a fun yet effective SAAC
4. Credential Development for Graduating Seniors
5. Professional Development for the rising administrators
6. Professional Development for females in Athletics
7. How to establish an effective mentoring program
8. Getting the most from your job
9. Being your professional “Best” in the workplace
10. Developing your personal manifesto
11. Connecting Athletics with philanthropy
12. I want to be a Director of Athletics – How do I get there
13. Building a Cohesive Administrative Team.

  • Development and review of Strategic plans

  • Review the leadership and management of Athletic Departments

  • Title IX Reviews for Athletic Department

  • Crisis management plans